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You have decided to revive a once-bustling island back to its former glory - take control of the town design, recruit villagers, farm, and explore the surrounding world to make this island truly your own!

With an empty town and farm at your disposal, work hard to establish trade with cities, recruit other animals to help you revive the island, and farm a variety of crops to sustain your community!

Farm, fish, cook, craft, and build your way to a prosperous town. With different species and personalities among potential villagers, customize the town to suit your play style and desires.

Traverse dungeons and solve puzzles to uncover the source of the miasma that has plagued the island. What will you find? What kind of enemies will you encounter?

snacko is currently under development by a two-person team using Unreal Engine 4 with an undetermined release date for PC and Nintendo Switch. 

Welcome to the world of snacko

Not long ago, an island off the coast of the Dobu mainland was a place of paradise: animals of every species living in harmony, wonderful biomes with plentiful resources, and great weather throughout the seasons. One day, curious cat unknowingly disturbed the resting place of Pandora's Box, and unleashed an evil force upon the island. Slowly, the forest dwellers became aggressive, and the villagers became restless. Now abandoned, you have decided to come back with your friend in tow to discover what really took place here...

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itch.io will be updated monthly with devlogs. You can check out these other links to satisfy your craving of pixelated farming cats:

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$10 patrons have access to test builds through Discord. When we have a free demo, and when the game launches, it will be available on itch.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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