A downloadable game


Arrive on a deserted island and rebuild it from the ground up


Farm, fish, cook, build, and decorate and until it's a place you can call "home"


Invite and entice other animals to move! Write letters, complete quests, and give gifts to make new friends




  • Farm at your own pace. Crops spanning multiple seasons, craftable tools that will help you expand your farm, and veggies with fun effects!
  • Tools to help you rebuild the island. Keeping everything organized is hard work - utilize your journal to take notes, check recipes, view crop and fish logs, and all the villagers you've met!
  • Decorate your town and home to suit your tastes. With a variety of building options like grid-snapping, free rotation, and dyes, it's easy to make everything just how you like it.
  • Fill up your town with villagers you've chosen. Convince animals from all over the world to live on your island by sending letters, shipping crops, and discovering new resources. Your dream of having a town that is just ducks is almost in your reach...
  • Interact with your villagers. They'll react and respond to what you write in your letters! Be careful not to be rude, not all of the animals will take it without a fight.
  • Explore the islands. With four unique biomes to unlock and explore, there are plenty of new resources and recipes waiting to be found. If you're too busy having fun outside, camp out in a handy cardboard box - it's just like sleeping at home!
  • Solve some puzzles to break the monotony of farm life. Obelisks are mysterious dungeons scattered across the islands. If you can figure the puzzles that lie within, something might happen...



I want to know more!

You can check out these other links to satisfy your craving of pixelated farming cats:

  • Official Website: collection of all links, including the store! 
  • Development Blog: tutorials, overviews, and other articles about game development as well as this project
  • Twitter: be the most up-to-date with screenshots, merchandise announcements, and more!
  • Patreon: support development and receive bonus perks such as free merchandise and behind-the-scenes content
  • Mailing List: don't have time to keep up with that much social media? We send only the most important of announcements via e-mail
  • Discord: join our small community and chat


When do I get to play?

$10+ patrons have access to test builds through Discord. When we have a free demo, and when the game launches, it will be available on itch.