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What is Snacko?

Play as a cat who is determined to revive a once-populated island with many great resources and places to explore. Farm, fish, cook, craft, and fight your way through 4 distinct biomes, each with their unique puzzles, recipes, and creatures. Decorate your farm and town to suit your tastes…maybe you’ll even attract some new animal friends to move!

Traverse dungeons and solve puzzles to uncover the source of the miasma that has plagued the island. What will you find? What kind of enemies will you encounter?



  • Crops that span multiple seasons
  • Tools such as seed sowers to help you farm
  • Crops with fun effects like catnip!
  • Attract different species to your island by shipping different crops


  • Different rods with different mini-games that vary your catch
  • Each island has their own unique fishes to catch
  • View your catches in your journal


  • Follow recipes obtained by villagers or new areas…
  • …Or experiment with ingredients to create yummy dishes
  • Your journal will record and give you recipe ideas on the ingredients you collect
  • Keep yourself well fed on explorations and camp out


  • Craft buildings, decorative objects, and interactable items
  • Decorate your farm, home, and town with objects you’ve made
  • Find new crafting recipes when you discover new islands
  • Deconstruct items to get some resources back


  • Send recruitment letters back home to invite animals to your island
  • Get replies from different animals of different personalities and jobs depending on what you write!
  • Receive benefits, unlock new shops, and buy exotic items from new villagers
  • Befriend villagers and learn more about them


  • Camp out and explore four unique islands
  • Gather new resources, unlock new recipes, and tame cute creatures!
  • Solve puzzles and unlock Obelisks to venture deeper under the island…
  • Uncover the mystery behind the island’s tragedy

I want to know more!

You can check out these other links to satisfy your craving of pixelated farming cats:

  • Official Website: collection of all links, including the store! 
  • Development Blog: tutorials, overviews, and other articles about game development as well as this project
  • Twitter: be the most up-to-date with screenshots, merchandise announcements, and more!
  • Patreon: support development and receive bonus perks such as free merchandise and behind-the-scenes content
  • Mailing List: don't have time to keep up with that much social media? We send only the most important of announcements via e-mail
  • Discord: join our small community and chat

When do I get to play?

$10+ patrons have access to test builds through Discord. When we have a free demo, and when the game launches, it will be available on itch.